9 Best Social Media Platforms You Should Prioritize for Your Brand

Social media marketing has become an integral part of every brand’s journey. It allows you to get maximum reach on social media., achieve proper social media goals, as well as engage with potential customers. If you are having a brand and you want to start with social media marketing, then you should know about the best social media platforms. Well! No need to worry, here are the 9 Best Social Media Platforms You Should Prioritize for Your Brand.

So without any further delay, let’s start with the article.

1. Facebook

Without any doubt, Facebook is the biggest social media platform that has around 3 billion people using it every month. And that is roughly around 38% of the entire world’s population. For brands and businesses looking forward to increasing their reach and growing their audience base, Facebook is a great place sports guru pro india vs pak.

Facebook offers paid social ads that will help you to reach out more potential customers. You will be able to cater your services and products to the target audience base. Apart from that, Facebook reviews and messaging are pretty important social media and customer service tools.

You can add a Facebook chatbot using a tool known as Sprout Social that will help you to boost your brand’s conversational social messaging along with responsiveness.

2. Instagram

Instagram is a highly used platform among the users available online and around 49% of consumers are expecting to use this platform this year. The preference for the short form video has increased and brands are investing in platforms such as Instagram. This is because Instagram believes content is king.

With Instagram, you will be able to sell your products and services easily to potential customers. It comes with a shopping feature that helps in increasing the brand’s reach.

3. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most ideal social media platforms that helps the brand to increase its reach. You will be able to engage with your audience base. With YouTube shorts, you will be getting even 2.5 times more engagement than the longer format.

Entertainment is the king factor and you need to make sure things are visually appealing. This will eventually help you to build more reliability with your audience.

There is a new YouTube streaming feature called YouTube Live through which you can reach your audience worldwide in real-time. The new YouTube features allow you to play games online, and perform live streams with your friends or followers throughout the globe. One can easily reach to wide audience-base in just a few minutes through YouTube live.

Also, you will have flexibility in choose the time of Your YouTube live in advance. This will help your friends or viewers watch your YouTube live at your specified time period. If you want to grow your viewers fast then you also can opt to online. There are plenty of services available in the online market at reasonable prices hr connect kp.

4. WhatsApp

Another very popular social media platform to grow your brand is WhatsApp. For brands, WhatsApp will give a great opportunity to personally connect with all your potential customers around the globe. It will offer you timely support along with real time business updates.

WhatsApp for business will allow you to go for standard customer care as well as creative marketing. You can redirect your Facebook ads messages to your WhatsApp for better connectivity.

5. Pinterest

Talking about the best social media platforms for brands, you can check out Pinterest. In fact, this platform allows you to spot emerging trends as well as target niche audiences. This is a go-to platform for finding new brands and users search Pinterest mainly before starting any kind of project. It includes planning for a birthday or a wedding.

We think this is a great platform to help you gain more traffic to your website. It has been evident that Pinterest users are more likely to purchase services or products they have already pinned. Some of the popular themes and topics on this platform include beauty, home, DIY, fashion, and gardening. In case, your brand deals in any of these industries, then Pinterest is a great choice for your business.

6. Twitter

Twitter is an amazing platform that has around 238 million monthly users who are always active. These audiences love to post news, sports, entertainment, politics, and more. The main thing that differentiates Twitter from all other social media platforms is that Twitter emphasizes more on real time information. Yes! It concentrates more on things trending and happening right now and that too in just 280 characters maslaaseen.

Twitter will let you get feedback directly from the audience. And by giving the responses to those questions, you will be able to create a great bond with your audiences and build a reliable connection

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is yet another platform that is related to B2B marketing. And you will see a lot of reasons for brands to plan strategies for developing their LinkedIn profile. It is one of the world’s largest professional networks, and one of the best social media places for lead generation as well as businesses. Hence, brands will be able to target specific potential customers based on demographic and interest based data.

Apart from that, LinkedIn is a great place for job seekers along with investors as it gives an opportunity for the best recruitment process.

8. Telegram

Telegram is a great messaging app that is free of cost and works with almost all devices with no limits on media sizes. End to end encryption for all activities including groups, chats, and media that are shared between the participants is the distinctive feature Telegram offers.

Apart from that, this will focus mainly on security and that has helped in drawing more potential customers over the years. Telegram can be used by brands in different ways. A brand can create chatbots or use this platform to broadcast messages to around 2 lakh people.

9. Quora

Quora is one of the platforms that offer community based question and answers website as well as an app. People will be able to find details on a wide range of topics. Generally, the questions and the answers are ranked by the users based on votes, views, shares, and reviews.

Being a brand, you can create a page for your business on Quora or you can use the employee advocates to answer all the questions regarding your services or products. It comes with an ads option that will let you advertise your business.

In fact, around 63% of users do their research online before making a purchase. Hence, Quora is a great place to reach potential customers who are looking for a product or service similar to your brand.