Crafting a Captivating Logo: Top Shopify Store Design Tips

You’ve designed your products, finalized your suppliers and planned out a comprehensive marketing strategy for launching your new Shopify store to success. All that’s left is to design a logo for your store. However, where do you start?

Your logo might seem a very inconsequential thing for your store. However, a great logo can work wonders for your brand and help establish it firmly with your customers. It becomes a snapshot of your brand’s identity and that’s why website designers for Shopify focus on creating a powerful logo for e-commerce stores.

According to Shopify website development services, a power logo can bring numerous benefits:

  • Tells your brand story

Every brand has a story and your logo presents you an opportunity to convey that to your users in a unique way. Even if you hire some of the best content writers to craft your ‘About Us’ page, it would fall short of conveying your brand story with the same elegance as a logo. You can borrow the help of a web development outsourcing company to design a great store. However, it will always be incomplete without a good logo.  There are several brands that irk your curiosity while telling their brand story at the same time. For instance, Gucci is an iconic fashion brand that has stuck with their double-G logo sinne the 1930s. Have you thought about what those double-Gs mean? It was crafted by Aldo Gucci, to honor his father and founder of the brand, Guccio Gucci.

  • Leaves a lasting impression of your brand

Iconic logos establish your brand permanently in your customers’ memories. The check mark logo of Nike and the partially eaten Apple logo is recognizable from a mile away. A stunning logo helps people connect the dots instantly and associate it with your brand.

  • Makes a strong first impression and builds trust

With a new store, you have just one opportunity to make a lasting impression on potential customers. A beautiful and creative logo that piques interest helps garner interest in your brand. Going forward, the logo also establishes you as an authority in your niche and helps build trust.  Now that you’re aware of the benefits, it’s time to learn how to design a great logo for your store.

Logo crafting tips from designers of the best Shopify Development Services in India:

1. Decide on your brand identity

It’s time to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Can I describe my store in a handful of words?
  • What are the core values of my business?
  • What is my unique value proposition?
  • How is my brand different from the competition?

Answering these questions helps you decide on a brand identity that guides you to shape your logo.

2. Don’t pick the wrong colors

You may have a few favorite colors. However, they may not work for your brand’s logo. Color has a very real effect on the human psyche and can persuade your customer’s to feel a certain way about your brand. Every color represents something different and you must choose those those that align with your band messaging. For instance, if you’re selling luxury and boutique apparel and targeting the most affluent people, purple and gold may be the right choice since they have always been associated with nobility.

3. Select a logo style

There are six primary logo styles:

  • Monograms – Think Hyundai, Honda, Gucci
  • Wordmarks – Think Netflix, FedEx, Google, Coca-Cola
  • Pictorials – Think Apple, Nike, Starbucks, Shopify
  • Mascots – Think any team on the NFL or any other Sports league
  • Abstracts – Think Spotify, masterCard, AirBnB
  • Combination – Think Dunkin Donuts, Harvard University, Spotify

Choose a style that’s simple, easy to understand and easily recognizable. As a new brand, you may want to stick to Monograms, Wordmarks, Pictorials, and Abstracts.

4. Generate a variety of logo designs

When you are trying to decide on a logo for your website, it’s best to generate multiple options. That provides you a lot of room to tinker around, get detailed feedback and improve upon them to choose the ebay possible logo for your brand.   Your final logo should be versatile, memorable, original and relevant enough for your brand. If your logo seems too overpowering for your website, you can always hire Shopify developers in India to polish your website and add all the necessary features to make your customers’ buying journey as seamless as possible.