Easy and effective carpet cleaning tips to try at home

Carpets offer a real treat to the foot. Just laying a carpet on the floor adds an undeniable warmth and cosiness to a room. But it is also important to remember that carpets are also high in maintenance than hard floors. Your carpets bear the burn of foot traffic through your home. Whether it is your pet, clumsy teenager or the usual crowd of friends who regularly drop by – your carpets have to bear all the burn.

Considering the amount of dirt a carpet has to bear investing in a top grade vacuum cleaner is a great move. This is suggested by professionals at the Vip Carpet Cleaning London. You can easily access this competent and professional carpet cleaner by searching online with strings like carpet cleaner near me. It helps keeping your carpet free from everyday dust and dirt. Moreover the home improvement appliance contributes sufficiently in tackling stains, spills and even embedded dirt. In addition to all the factors mentioned above, it also provides a deep and thorough clean as and when required. In fact you should deep clean carpets at least every six months. If your household consists of kids or pets then frequency of deep clean should be higher.

Deep cleaning of carpets also benefits people allergic to dust. According to doctors at a renowned healthcare institution in the UK simple vacuuming never removes dust mites from carpets. It needs deep cleaning. Carpet dust mites are mainly responsible for triggering allergic reactions like eczema and asthma.

The best way to clean your carpet yourself

In order to clean your carpet at home you should invest in an adequate carpet cleaning machine. It will ease your task of cleaning the carpet to a great extent. You should make use of the device every three to six months to provide a thorough wash to your carpets. You will also require accessories like a good quality carpet shampoo. Make sure the carpet shampoo that you choose is also a stain protector. That will help you take precautionary steps against future stains. As an important piece of advice you must always air the room so that the carpet can dry thoroughly before replacing the furniture.

If you have a space crunch at home or there is not much carpet in your home in that case consider hiring a carpet cleaning machine. There are lots of high street shops that rent out this machine.  

How to get rid of indents in a carpet

Heavy pieces of furniture invariably leave stubborn indents on carpet surface. How can you get rid of that unsightly mark? It is very simple; just leave a cube of ice on the affected spot. Allow the ice to melt a little. The moisture will revive that flaw. For more easy and effective tips like this just feel free to search online using strings like carpet cleaning near me from anywhere in London. Your search will connect you to VIP Carpet Cleaning London.

How to treat carpet stains at home

Different types of stain on your carpet require different treatments. You have to first understand the type of stain you are dealing with. Then you have to select the right remedy. Here are a few examples in the following section of the blog post. Hope this will make your task easier.

Stains like as chocolate and mud are best treated once those have dried. There is no point fighting while the stains are still fresh and damp. The dried debris can easily be cleared away using a vacuum cleaner.

Contrastingly stains resulting from food – like tea, coffee, red wine, tomato sauce and the likes – should be treated till those are wet. Once these stains get dried the task becomes all the more difficult. Therefore you better swing into action immediately with these kinds of stain on your carpet.

When carpet stains are concerned you cannot miss out liquid spills. You have deal with liquid spills on your carpet cleverly. Excessive blotting could push the spill deeper into the carpet fibre. In that case the stain will look worse. Using a carpet cleaner proves helpful lifting the liquid straight up.

These days, excellent spot cleaning treatments are available for one-off stains and spills. These treatments do not let your carpet get too wet. Thus there are lesser chances of dyes from any underlay or backing material to leak through. At the end you have to blot it dry using a clean piece of cloth free from lint. A hair dryer proves helpful drying up the areas that were treated. You can also leave those areas to dry naturally in course of time.

When your carpet is older, those spot cleaning stains could leave lighter patches that are quite easily detectable. In that case you have no other option but to wash the whole carpet.

You can also tackle the whole carpet using a carpet cleaning machine. But in that case you have to apply a pre treatment on the stained areas first. This will help the carpet cleaning machine to lift the stain easily without any proof or evidence

Professional carpet cleaning help

Searching online with strings like carpet cleaning services near me is a tried and tested way to get in touch with a reliable carpet cleaning service in London. Experts associated with it have a suggestion relevant to the ongoing context. If your carpet is excessively costly or the dirt proves to be stubborn in those cases it is better to ask for professional help. The VIP Carpet Cleaning London is one of the most assured names in this service.