How You Can Manage Inventory in a Shop


Ensuring you handle your inventory in the shop well is super important for any business selling things you can touch. That means knowing when to order parts more, getting them in good condition when they arrive, keeping track of everything, and finding the right place to keep everything safe. If you don’t get this thing right, it can break how much money you make.

When you use heavy duty truck repair software by Torque360, it’s like having a super helper. It helps you keep everything in check so you don’t lose sales, mix up where things are or buy too much. This enables you to make more money and might even lower how much tax you have to pay.

The Importance of Managing Goods for a Successful Business

Businesses that repair vehicles must handle their inventory correctly to succeed. You won’t be profitable if you don’t have any inventory or can’t locate any part to fulfill repair orders. It’s pretty clear.

But running out of stock is just the first problem caused by bad—or no—inventory management. It’s easy to order too much stock when you don’t keep a close eye on what you have, leaving you short of cash in the short term. Too much stock can also cause significant losses over time because some items might expire or become outdated and not sell.

And remember taxes! You can be required to pay more significant revenue and asset taxes if your repair garage has a substantial volume of unused goods at the end of the year. Therefore, the good news is that these problems may be avoided by implementing simple techniques to enhance inventory management.

Best Ways To Manage Your Inventory

Consider a different approach if managing inventory takes up much of your time. It takes more than just keeping track of your possessions to manage inventory. Its goal is to simplify your day. Having efficient processes will free up more time for you to concentrate on expanding your business.

Here are some steps to make a plan for managing your inventory. These steps include organizing how you handle things and using tools that fit your business needs.

Clarify What Product Sourcing and Storage Methods Are

Where you get your products and how you keep them decides how you handle your inventory. If you keep everything in your own place, you manage it all there.

But if your products are stored elsewhere, like in warehouses or with suppliers, or if you use dropshipping, you must connect your inventory ways and tools to their systems.

Figure Out How to Keep a Record of Inventory Information

Keeping track of what you have to sell is crucial for any auto repair store. There are different ways to do it, like using inventory management tools, spreadsheets, or inventory systems. These help you record all the items you have to sell.

Here’s the info you’ll want to write down:

Product numbers: 

There are codes for each thing you sell. Suppliers might have their own codes, too.

How much you have: 

This is just knowing how many of each part you have in your store right now.

Where you keep stuff: 

This is about noting where each thing is stored or displayed in your store.

Supplier info: 

This is like having a phone book for the people who give you stuff to sell. It has their contact details and information about how much you need to order and how long it takes to arrive.

How much you pay: 

This is about knowing how much money you give suppliers for each thing. Sometimes, if you buy a lot, they might discount you.

How much you sell it for: 

This is the price tag you put on people buying things. Sometimes, you might put things on sale, and that’s good to write down, too.

So, it’s like having a list that helps you know about your inventory. It’s like having a treasure map saying, “Go now” to find out where your treasures are!

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Choosing POS System

You have a few options to keep track of what you’re selling. A spreadsheet works well if you have at most 100 repair parts to sell. But if you want something super helpful and not too pricey, there is a unique POS system.

This is great because it helps with everything: taking orders from customers, keeping track of what you have, getting info from suppliers, ordering more parts, and recording when new things arrive. 

Shop management software is like having a super organized store system! Also, it connects easily to where you sell things in your store or online, so everything gets updated immediately.

Develop an Inside Product Code System (SKU Number)

Imagine each part having its very own secret code. This code helps people quickly understand the product’s important information without a long explanation.

For example, think of a code like this: BW066-3201_RASP. Sounds complicated, right? But it’s like a secret language that tells us a lot about a product.

  • BW stands for the supplier’s name, BentleyWare.
  • 066 tells us it’s a dish, like a dinner plate.
  • The number 3 means it’s made of a specific material, like plastic.
  • 201 is a secret code that helps the store know more about the product.
  • RASP shows us the color, like raspberry.

So, when someone looks at this secret code, they can quickly figure out the product, where to find it, and even how it looks without an extensive explanation. It’s like a unique code that helps everyone understand things faster!

Guess How Much Parts to Buy Using Forecasting

Forecasting is like guessing how much stuff you’ll need to sell in the future. It’s like thinking about how many parts you need when any repair comes over. There are many things to consider when guessing, like how fast the earnings are?

The main goal of guessing is to ensure you have enough parts to repair a car without having too many leftovers. When you understand how fast the inventory parts go, it’s easier to guess how many to make.

Knowing how long it takes for more parts to arrive is essential. You can get a few at once if the suppliers send more super quickly. But if they take longer or there is any problem, you might need to buy a lot at once, which means you’ll have more inventory for a while.

Wrapping Up!

Starting a small business is exciting! Sometimes, repair shop owners begin to repair vehicles without thinking much about how to keep track of their parts. But if they don’t plan how to organize and keep count of what they have, it can cause significant problems later. It’s like forgetting to plan a long journey in a heavy duty truck—without the right tools and a map, it can get pretty messy!

Using effective techniques and heavy duty truck repair software to organize and count everything you sell is like having a map. This helps ensure you know what you have and where it is so you can make your customers happy and earn more money right from the start.