Overwatch PTR Patch Notes Reveal Big Changes for Bastion and Mercy


The world of Overwatch is abuzz with anticipation as the latest Public Test Realm (PTR) patch notes have been unveiled. This time, the spotlight is on Bastion and Mercy, two beloved heroes who are set to undergo substantial changes. These alterations promise to reshape gameplay dynamics, ignite fresh strategies, and offer a revitalized experience for players. Let’s delve into the details of the PTR patch notes and discover the exciting changes that await.

Bastion: A Mechanical Metamorphosis

In a move that has sent shockwaves through the Overwatch community, Bastion is poised for a mechanical metamorphosis. The PTR patch introduces adjustments that are set to redefine the way players approach battles with this formidable Omnic hero. Changes to Bastion’s abilities, damage output, and mobility mechanics are bound to shake up the game’s landscape.

  1. Reconfiguration Rework: Bastion’s iconic ability, Reconfiguration, receives a revamp. Players will now be able to seamlessly switch between Recon and Sentry modes without the prior transformation delay. This change not only enhances Bastion’s fluidity but also empowers players to adapt swiftly to evolving combat scenarios.
  2. Sentry Mode Ammunition Nerf: In a bid to balance Bastion’s immense firepower, his Sentry mode ammunition is undergoing a significant reduction. This adjustment aims to encourage players to employ more strategic decision-making when engaging enemies, highlighting the importance of timing and precision.
  3. Ironclad Overhaul: The controversial Ironclad passive ability is being replaced with a new defensive mechanism. Bastion’s new passive, “Fortify,” grants him increased damage resistance when transforming between modes, promoting thoughtful positioning and reactive gameplay.

Mercy: A Healing Renaissance

The ever-adored support hero, Mercy, is also receiving a healing renaissance that promises to augment her impact on the battlefield. The PTR patch introduces changes designed to elevate her gameplay and expand her strategic repertoire.

  1. Resurrect Reimagined: Mercy’s Resurrect ability is undergoing a fundamental transformation. The cast time for Resurrect has been decreased, offering a swifter revival option. Additionally, the ability will no longer be a targeted ability but will be an area-of-effect (AoE) ability, requiring players to strategize and position themselves wisely to maximize its effectiveness.
  2. Valkyrie Enhancement: Mercy’s ultimate ability, Valkyrie, is receiving a substantial enhancement. Valkyrie now grants Mercy the ability to revive multiple teammates simultaneously within its AoE. This change significantly elevates Mercy’s presence during intense team battles, turning the tide in favor of her allies.


The Overwatch PTR patch notes have once again rekindled excitement among players, as Bastion and Mercy stand on the precipice of transformation. These impactful changes promise to reshape how these heroes are played, encouraging players to adapt and innovate in their strategies. As the community eagerly explores the ramifications of these adjustments, one thing is certain – the dynamic landscape of Overwatch is poised for a thrilling evolution, and players can’t wait to dive into the revamped gameplay and discover new ways to emerge victorious on the battlefield.