Top 10 Commercial Gym Equipment Manufacturing Indian Brands

The surge in demand for fitness equipment has led to the emergence of several manufacturing companies capitalizing on this expanding market. In the year 2024, the Indian fitness equipment manufacturing sector is anticipated to witness heightened competition, with companies vying to provide inventive, top-notch, and state-of-the-art products to cater to the changing requirements of fitness enthusiasts throughout the country.

Ranging from cardio equipment like elliptical and treadmill to strength workout machines like free weights and weight machines, the below listed brands are expected to present a remarkable selection of gym solutions catering to various fitness levels and preferences. The companies highlighted in this list’s top 10 are anticipated to demonstrate excellence in their manufacturing procedures.

Nortus Fitness

Nortus Fitness is at the forefront of the gym equipment production industry, establishing innovative benchmarks through modern technology and a steadfast dedication to excellence. Boasting a legacy of over thirty five years, the company has garnered a prestigious reputation for delivering high-quality commercial cardio fitness equipment like commercial treadmill for Gym that surpasses customer expectations.


Acknowledged as a frontrunner in the health sector, this brand has been closely associated with exacting engineering and outstanding craftsmanship from the very beginning. Prioritizing user satisfaction, it provides a wide range of gym machines that seamlessly integrates biomechanics with state-of-the-art technology.

Offering a fluctuated scope of wellness hardware, from elite execution strength machines to flexible utilitarian mentors, our items are made to meet a wide exhibit of wellness objectives. We are focused on ergonomic plan, focusing on an ideal exercise stance to lessen the gamble of injury while boosting muscle commitment.


Amplus leads the way in the field of manufacturing gym equipment, blending exceptional engineering with a fervor for fitness. From the beginning, Amplus has transformed the sector by providing the latest strength machines and cardio, motivating users to reach their fitness objectives.

Its distinctive feature is the unwavering commitment to achieving perfection. Every product of machine goes through a detailed manufacturing process, strictly following the most rigorous quality standards. A team of proficient engineers and artisans works in harmony to craft durable and visually appealing designs, establishing a standard that surpasses competitors.


It stands out as a prominent figure in the gym machines production sector, specializing in crafting high-quality fitness solutions tailored for both gym proprietors and fitness lover. The company’s unwavering dedication to excellence, customer contentment and innovation has cemented its position as a key label in industry.

Syndicate Gym Equipment

It is a leading force in the manufacturing of fitness equipment, has been revolutionizing workout spaces globally through its exceptional products & services. Carrying a rich history spanning several years, the company has firmly established itself as a reliable fitness ally for both gym proprietors and fitness enthusiasts.

KFS Fitness

KFS Fitness has risen to prominence in the sphere of gym machine manufacturing, offering a diverse range of cutting-edge and dependable products for fitness enthusiasts. Fueled by a dedication to excellence and a genuine passion for fitness, KFS Fitness has successfully established itself in the highly competitive market.

Fitness First

Fitness First stands out as a premier manufacturer of gym machine, driving innovation and excellence in the fitness industry from its establishment. Demonstrating a steadfast assurance to quality and creativity, Fitness First has established itself as a leading brand in the market. The company consistently provides top-of-the-line gym equipment to fitness enthusiasts and professional gyms on a global scale.

Lifecore Fitness

Lifecore Fitness has cemented its position as a leading figure in the sphere of gym machine manufacturing, serving the needs of both fitness enthusiasts and professionals in search of state-of-the-art exercise solutions. With a history spanning more than two decades, the company has consistently provided top-notch, dependable, and ground-breaking fitness equipment, enabling individuals to embrace healthier lifestyles.

Star Trac

Star Trac stands as a distinguished figure in the sphere of gym machines manufacturing, synonymous with innovation, excellence, and state-of-the-art technology. Boasting a legacy that spans decades, Star Trac has cemented its position as a worldwide frontrunner in crafting top-tier fitness equipment tailored for both commercial and home settings.


In the sphere of precision engineering and outstanding design within the manufacturing of gym machines, this company emerges as a pioneer in the fitness industry. Boasting a history spanning multiple decades, it has continuously led the way in innovation, establishing a renowned reputation for crafting top-tier fitness machines.

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The significance of a properly outfitted gym is paramount in attaining fitness objectives, and the prosperity of any fitness establishment is greatly contingent upon the quality of its equipment. Consequently, the market is saturated with numerous companies specializing in the manufacture of gym machines, each competing for prominence among the leading entities in the industry.